Rising Star Elliot Frances Flynn on the Five Things You Need To Shine In The Entertainment Industry

Jan 2021

As a part of our series about pop culture’s rising stars, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Elliot Frances Flynn.

Elliot Frances Flynn is an up and coming actress. She will make her feature film debut in the Smiths-infused comedy-drama Shoplifters of the World in early 2021, and then will be seen in films from Yale Productions, Miramax and more, opposite award-winning talent and other rising stars. A definition cool girl with an androgynous edge, she’s also a secret nerd with a face like an open book. 2021 will be a good year for Elliot, but it will be just the beginning.

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Bloom: A Social Distancing Project

April 2020

Elliot was featured in the Bloom Project, where she reflects on her experience 34 days into quarantine.


Alumna makes film debut in 2021

Jan 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn (Digital Media; English) to make her feature film debut in upcoming Shoplifters of the World, releasing early 2021 by RLJ Entertainment, an AMC company.

photography by Emily Lipson

Photographer Emily Lipson found 50 New Yorkers (who're complete strangers) and asked them, "How do you feel one year into Trump's presidency?" Here's what they said.

Breaking the Binary.png

Breaking the Binary

Nov 2020

Breaking the binary is a gender non conforming interview series. Our host, Xan, interviews persons to give insight into the fabulous, intricate and wondrous world of those who live beyond the binary. Meet Elliot Frances Flynn (she/hers!!) 

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