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Rockland Actress in Things Heard & Seen


Apr 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn is no stranger to the spotlight. 

The Orangeburg-based actress has been on screens since 2009, when she appeared in Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers Band" along side her sisters. A set of identical triplets, Flynn's sisters have found success in other endeavors, while Flynn pursued her dream through community theater, SUNY New Paltz's theater department and more.


Elliot Frances Flynn: “Shoplifters of the World”, acting methods and coming of age with The Smiths

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Feb 2021

...One such film, the Smiths-hued comedy-drama Shoplifters of the World will be coming to the UK soon, and we were lucky to sit down with Elliot Frances Flynn, who makes her debut in the film. Through a long meandering conversation, we managed to at some point reach the topic of her film, which was fortunate for us.


Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want


Mar 2021

Up-and-coming actress Elliot Frances Flynn pens a personal essay about how the 1980s band The Smiths were instrumental to her finding love and happiness. The Smiths was the “soundtrack of her life” as she grappled with depression, realized her dream of becoming an actress, and got comfortable in her own skin. Coming full circle, Elliot will make her feature film debut in the Smiths infused comedy-drama Shoplifters of the World, available to watch in theaters and on-demand on March 26th.


Local actress Elliot Frances Flynn to make her feature film debut

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Mar 2021

The Orangeburg, NY native is a rising star; she will also be seen in upcoming features from Netflix, Miramax, and Yale Productions. Previously, she guest-starred in television shows on Nickelodeon and Investigation Discovery.

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Bloom: A Social Distancing Project


April 2020

Elliot was featured in the Bloom Project, where she reflects on her experience 34 days into quarantine.


Things Heard & Seen: Who is the Woman in the Photograph?


Apr 2021

 “I’ll say that I’m really excited to be in a film where the Hudson Valley is like another character,” said Elliot Frances Flynn when I asked her about her experience on the set of Things Heard & Seen. “I’ve been in a handful of films shot in the area, and grew up here and live here, so I’m excited to see the scenery be so integral to the story.” ...

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OUT Radio with Elliot Frances Flynn & Elizabeth Mehling, "Memories of Rain"

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Apr 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn (she/her) & Elizabeth Mehling (she/her) discuss their short film "Memories of Rain", which spotlights mental health in the queer community.


Up & Coming Artist Feature: Elliot Frances Flynn

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Feb 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn, born and raised in Hudson Valley, NY, is making her mark on indie features in NYC and beyond. From late twentieth century period pieces to present-day sci-fi, the young actress brings unbridled enthusiasm mixed with grounded realism. In early 2021, she will make her feature film debut in Shoplifters of the World, opposite Joe Manganiello and Helena Howard. Elliot still resides in the Hudson Valley (a burgeoning film hub and shoot location of A Quiet Place and more), where she spends her time reading, watching films, listening to records, and preparing for what comes next. From here, there's nowhere to go but up.


Alumna makes film debut in 2021


Jan 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn (Digital Media; English) to make her feature film debut in upcoming Shoplifters of the World, releasing early 2021 by RLJ Entertainment, an AMC company.

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Breaking the Binary


Nov 2020

Breaking the binary is a gender non conforming interview series. Our host, Xan, interviews persons to give insight into the fabulous, intricate and wondrous world of those who live beyond the binary. Meet Elliot Frances Flynn (she/hers!!) 


One-On-One with Rising Star Elliot Frances Flynn


Feb 2021

An up-and-coming actress, Elliot Frances Flynn is making her mark on the indie film scene. On March 26, audiences will see the young star make her feature film debut in Stephen Kijak’s Shoplifters of the World alongside Helena Howard and Joe Manganiello, and then we can expect her to appear in several other upcoming films opposite award-winning talent.

Currently residing in Hudson Valley, New York, Flynn is defying the odds and the challenges of COVID to chase after her dreams.

Flynn took some time to chat with OFM about Shoplifters of the World, what she hopes to accomplish with her platform, and some of her other passions such mental health, coming of age stories, and LGBTQ issues.


Rockland County Local to Make Feature Film Debut


Mar 2021

Elliot Frances Flynn always wanted to be an actress. Born an identical triplet and raised in Tappan, Elliot began her stage career right here in the county performing at Stage Left Children’s theater from Kindergarten until she graduated from high school. Throughout her childhood, Flynn appeared alongside her sisters in commercials, local theater productions, and even a Nickelodeon sitcom (The Naked Brothers Band), all while dreaming of breaking into feature films.


Rising Star Elliot Frances Flynn on the Five Things You Need To Shine In The Entertainment Industry


Jan 2021

As a part of our series about pop culture’s rising stars, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Elliot Frances Flynn.

Elliot Frances Flynn is an up and coming actress. She will make her feature film debut in the Smiths-infused comedy-drama Shoplifters of the World in early 2021, and then will be seen in films from Yale Productions, Miramax and more, opposite award-winning talent and other rising stars. A definition cool girl with an androgynous edge, she’s also a secret nerd with a face like an open book. 2021 will be a good year for Elliot, but it will be just the beginning.

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