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"Elliot is making her mark on indie features... from late twentieth century period pieces to present-day sci-fi, the rising actress brings unbridled enthusiasm mixed with grounded realism."

Elliot Frances Flynn is an actress and aspiring filmmaker. In her work on screen and off, she explores themes of womanhood, sexuality and coming of age, crafting each character and work with equal parts sincerity and enthusiasm. 

In 2023, she will shine in a number of releases: Linoleum, opposite Emmy-nominee Rhea Seehorn, and crime thriller Confession, starring Clark Backo and Michael Ironside. Prior credits include HBO’s acclaimed “Mare of Easttown”, the Smiths-inspired comedy Shoplifters of the World, and short film “Memories of Rain.” The short showed in over a dozen festivals, shedding a light on mental health in the queer community, and earning Flynn a Best Actress award.

Flynn is a published author of memoir and flash fiction. Her semi-autobiographical pilot “Wombmates”, co-written with sister Bridget Flynn, was a semi-finalist in the ATX Festival Pitch Competition. She will produce and direct her shocking and darkly funny short film “Baby Fat” in 2023. 

Elliot Frances Flynn is based in NYC. She is a member of SAG-Aftra. 

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