"A definition cool girl with an androgynous edge; she’s also a secret nerd with a face like an open book."

"Elliot is making her mark on indie features... from late twentieth century period pieces to present-day sci-fi, the young actress brings unbridled enthusiasm mixed with grounded realism."

"A rising star."

Elliot Frances Flynn will make her feature film debut in the Smiths-infused comedy-drama Shoplifters of the World in 2021. Born an identical triplet, she began acting in television and commercials at a young age with her sisters. Elliot studied acting at The Barrow Group, under the mentorship of Lee Brock and Seth Barrish, where she learned to “just be”, honestly and openly. Elliot’s honesty crosses into her written work; she is a published author of short essays and memoir. In her work on screen and off, Elliot explores themes of womanhood, sexuality, and coming-of-age with sincerity and enthusiasm.
She resides in the NYC metro area, and she will be seen in upcoming films from Yale Productions, Miramax, and more. She is currently a semi-finalist in the 2021 ATX Festival Television Series Pitch Competition.

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